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Eisenman Inspections

Home Inspections and Radon Measurement

serving Sheridan WY, and surrounding areas

A home inspection will cover all visible areas of the home that have structural importance. I encourage all clients to participate in a walk through during the home inspection to discuss the importance of items requiring attention. Upon completion of the home inspection, a written report of all findings will be issued to the client. The inspection will cover the following:


Roof condition, Flashing, Chimney, Sky lights, Spark arrestor, Vent caps, Gutter

Exterior Areas

Doors, Window condition, Siding condition, Eaves & Fascia, Exterior paint, Stucco


Slab foundation, Foundation perimeter, Foundation walls, Cripple walls, Ventilation, Vent screens, Access panel, Post & Girders, Sub flooring, Anchor bolts, Foundation electrical, Foundation plumbing, Sump pump, ducting


Driveway & Walkway condition, Grading, Vegetation observations, Gate condition, Patio & Porch deck, Stairs & Handrail, Grounds electrical, GFCI, Main gas valve condition, Plumbing, Water pressure, Pressure regulator, Exterior faucet condition, Balcony, Patio enclosure, Patio & Porch condition, Fence condition, Sprinklers


Access, Structure, Ventilation, Vent screens, Duct work, Electrical, Attic plumbing, Insulation condition, Chimney, Exhaust vent


Walls, Insulation, Windows, Plumbing materials, Basement electric, GFCI, Access, Stairs, Railings, Slab floor, Finished floor, Drainage, Sump pump, Framing, Sub floor, Columns, Piers, Basement/Crawlspace ductwork


Roof condition, Walls, Anchor bolts, Floor condition, Rafters & Ceiling, Electrical GFCI, 240 Volt, Exterior door, Fire door, Garage door condition, Garage door parts, Garage opener status, Garage door reverse status, Ventilation, Vent screens, Cabinets, Counters, Wash basin


Cabinets, Counters, Dishwasher, Doors, Garbage disposal, Microwave, Cook top condition, Oven & Range, Sinks, Drinking fountain, Spray wand, Hot water dispenser, Soap dispenser, Trash compactor, Vent condition, Window condition, Floor condition, Plumbing, Ceiling condition, Security bars, Patio doors, Screen doors, Electrical, GFCI, Wall condition


Location, Cabinets, Ceiling condition, Counters, Doors, Electrical, GFCI, Exhaust fan, Floor condition, Heating, Mirrors, Plumbing, Security bars, Showers, Shower walls, Bath tubs, Enclosure, Sinks, Toilets, Window condition


Electrical panel, Main amp breaker, Breakers in off position, Cable feeds, Breakers, Fuses


Heater condition, Heater base, Enclosure, Venting, Gas valves, Refrigerant lines, AC compressor condition, Air supply, Registers, Filters, Thermostats

Water Heater

Base, Heater enclosure, Combustion, Venting, Water heater condition, TPRV, Number of gallons, Gas valve, Plumbing, Overflow condition, Strapping


Location, Cabinets, Counters, Dryer vent, Electrical, GFCI, Exhaust fan, Gas valves, Wash basin, Window condition, Floor condition, Plumbing, Wall condition, Ceiling condition, Security bars, Doors


Locations, Bar, Cabinets, Ceiling fans, Closets, Doors, Electrical, Fireplace, Floor condition, Security bars, Smoke detectors, Wall condition, Window-Wall AC or heat, Window condition, Ceiling condition, Patio doors, Screen doors

Interior Areas

Bar, Cabinets, Ceiling fans, Closets, Door bell, Doors, Electrical, Security bars, Smoke detectors, Stairs & Handrail, Window-Wall AC or heat, Window condition, Ceiling condition, Patio doors, Screen doors, Wall condition, Fireplace


Eisenman Inspections - Sheridan, WY

Eric Eisenman


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